Genuine Natural & Lave Stone Bracelets - Aromatherapy Jewelry

LAVA STONE! If you haven't heard of this new fashion craze, then you are missing out. These all natural stone necklaces are the hype of the jewelry world. Whether you just want something cute, or want to smell good all day, these necklaces are the answer!

Lava stone is known to be porous, which allows essentials to be absorbed into the surface. Just put a couple drops of your favorite oil on some of the lava beads, and you will enjoy wonderful aromas all day!

Use lavender to soothe headaches or stress, or mint/citrus oils to feel clean and fresh. Whatever oil you choose, these necklaces will have you looking and smelling good all day!


  • Unit: 24, 6 styles, 4 of each color
  • $8.50 each
  • Genuine stones, (dyed Jade , Amber turquoise, etc. 10mm
  • Durable with a slip knot that can be sized to most wrist

(Display not included, sold separately for $44)