Welcome to Silverbrooke XOXO

We Believe

We believe that grateful hearts decorate the soul like jewelry decorates the body.  

Life is a journey for sowing, nurturing, and growing our inner gardens.  Inner gardens grow more beautiful and more bountiful as our sense of gratitude grows.  We believe that as our eyes open to see the endless gifts of Grace all around us, everything will appear more beautiful!  When gratitude leads, we will see beauty everywhere we look. We hope that Silverbrooke Jewelry will decorate your outsides, which are a mere reflection of your beauty within. 

So, let your light, and your sense of style, glamour, and beauty, come alive! Express your decorated soul, from the inside out.  We're here to help! You can never have too much gratitude, and you can never have too much jewelry.  Our low prices allow you to decorate lavishly with quality and purpose! Find the design that speaks from your soul, where all true beauty rises. 

Most of our products are made of real, natural stones, Swarovski crystals, leather, silver, gold, stainless steel and hardy rhodium. As many as possible are handmade. 


Our History

Silverbrooke & Co, Inc. has been designing and importing fine fashion and trendy jewelry for over 30 years. Over these many years, we have serviced thousands of customers, both large and small. We have provided quality fashion products to gift shops, boutiques, hospital gift shops, hotel gift shops, Hallmark stores, casino gift shops, youth camps, Christian and church bookstores, dime-stores, pharmacies, office supply stores, grocery stores, and more. Some of our top clients include Walgreens, K-Mart, Hallmark, Coach House Gifts, Hy-Vee, Kroger's, Kanakuk Kamps, Mole Hole Gifts, Stuckey's, and others.


We look forward to serving you!